Private Journey’s with LJF

Did you know that Live Journey Fit can create a tailored private trip for you and your guests?! You don’t have to wait for an open trip to be on the schedule to enjoy the many benefits of one of our adventurers! 

Our most recent private journey was put together by 2 amazing women who wanted to spend a girls day together! This group of ladies put aside their daily responsibilities and pulled together for a day of hiking, food, mindfulness and of course fun! A much-needed get away from every day – don’t we all need that? 

Our day started with a luxury van pick up at their destination greeted with coffee to fuel up for our 3-hour hike! The hike is for all fitness levels so no fear if you don’t exercise often, we are not in competition here just enjoying nature and all it has to offer with these beautiful serene landscapes that we choose to explore with you. During our hike, we take in the sights and sounds that we normally wouldn’t with a meditative walk. We love to chat away with one another which is great but to really be present and ‘in the moment’ we stay quiet for a 10-minute meditative walk and witness things we wouldn’t otherwise if we were in deep conversations with our friends. 


After our exhilarating hike, we are then off to eat! We definitely earned our lunch! Live Journey Fit introduces the farm to table movement. Where our food is locally sourced, minimally processed and humanely raised. We work with local farms that educate us on their farming practices and let us have hands-on experience with preparing our lunch. Everyone has the opportunity to help out as little or as much as they choose. It is a true culinary experience! 

After our bellies are full and the wine has been emptied we thank our host and head off to a local yoga studio down the road. We enjoyed a snippet of mindfulness on our meditative walk, now we get to wind down with a gentle yoga flow and really reflect on the full day that we had experienced. Again, no need for experience. We are just stretching, breathing and being present after our full-day journey of new experiences. 

Before we know it our time together comes to an end but the memories will live on with us. Live Journey Fit strives to give you a one of a kind experience that you would not have witnessed on your own. Creating wonderful and new ways to see this beautiful world! To be mindful and present and just enjoy life! Let’s create your next one of kind journey! Contact us today so we can get started on your own personal journey! 

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