Live Journey Fit Takes Over Cape May!

Live Journey Fit Takes Over Cape May!

June 12-13, 2019

We at LJF wanted to kick off the Summer season with an unforgettable overnight in historic Cape May! I have personally seen the transformation of Cape May over the years as we spend many family Summers down there. I knew that it would be a perfect fit for our Live Journey Fit adventurers as it encompasses what we strive to share with our clients;

Farm to table culinary experiences

Outdoor adventure

Mindfulness and reflection in a beautiful setting

As we departed in our luxury van from Westfield, NJ (we had 2 other ladies meeting us there from Philly) we started as strangers but soon began chatting away getting to know one another and why we choose this amazing adventure to be on!

As we entered in Cape May the sights of old Victorian houses brought us back to another time. You could automatically start to get that old town feeling! We made our way right to Beach Plum Farm as we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to stay right on their working farm in the newly built and some renovated cottages. (rumor has it Oprah stayed in the same one we did!)

Can we just talk about how these were decorated?! Kudos to the interior decorator (Will, who is also the owner of Luisa’s – more on that soon!) You definitely got that farm feel in these cottages, and 2 of them were built by the same Amish family that built the farmhouse too!

Soon after we arrived we started our bike tour with beach cruisers provided by the farm. We toured Sunset Beach, Cape May Lighthouse and completed a 2-mile nature walk. Upon our return to the Farm, we had a welcoming table with drinks and food available as our guests picked crops right from their kitchen garden for our lunch!








Chef Josh delighted us with a vegan meal starting with a salad from the crops that were picked, cucumber gazpacho and ending with a raw vegan zucchini lasagna – yum! To top it all off, Annie gave us a walking farm tour where we go to see the inner workings of Beach Plum Farm!

With belly’s full, we were ready to wind down with some light yoga by the pool. Amy, our yoga instructor led a peaceful flow while incorporating some partner work as by now we all felt more like family! After yoga, we were able to enjoy some downtime in the lovely cottages before our dinner at Louisa’s in town.


In true LJF fashion, the adventure never stops as we drove golf carts into town for our dinner date! Louisa’s is a true farm to table experience as all the seafood is caught locally and daily. The menu is written on a chalkboard as it changes daily and most of their produce is provided from Beach Plum Farm! Talk about a true farm to table culinary experience! 










After a full day of fun, adventure and food we were ready to enjoy our night in the cottages and see each other in the morning! While it did rain the next day and prevent us from biking again we were able to try out a Pilates studio in town where we experience a springboard pilates class! Lengthening our bodies and our minds! Our day ended at Cape May Winery where we experienced a full tour and tasting followed by a yummy lunch. Everyone in Cape May was so inviting and hospitality, they made you feel welcomed! I am sure this will not be the last of LJF trips here!

One of the important parts of LJF is incorporating a mindfulness piece whether through a meditative hike or a journaling exercise. While everything else we do is fun and exciting and fast-paced, we like to take time to slow down our bodies and minds.

Did you know that 95% of us go through the day on autopilot and only 5% of our attention is actually present? We are too consumed in thought “to smell the roses.” In a world of constant distraction, staying connected to the present moment is more important than ever! Being mindful and more fully present let’s you reap physical and mental benefits – including lower stress, happier moods, and better energy. It allows us to slow down mentally.

We at LJF want to show you how to be more present and mindful in your daily life. Our goal is for you to take what you have learned and experienced on our journey’s and apply them into your daily life so you can show up every day and be the best version of YOU!

We encourage you to choose Live Journey Fit for you and your loved ones or colleagues as your getaway. Let us help you turn your attention to living in the moment when you travel with us.

As we say at LJF – Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery and Today is a Gift that’s why we call it the PRESENT!

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“Thank you for a fabulous trip. I know how much work goes into these outings and you did an incredible job. The planning and execution were perfect. I absolutely love Cape May and the farm was unreal. It was such a great mix of activities one more fun than the next. It was also such a lovely bonding moment with all the women. I definitely want to experience another LiveJourneyFit!”  Jill S

“Just got home and you did a great job. Pulled it off without a hitch and got the most activities done in under 2 days of any person I have ever known! It was a nice group of girls too! Loved it all. Look forward to another one in the future.” Beth B.

“My 3rd Journey and they are all incredible!!! I like overnighters the best. But they were all soooo well planned and have the perfect variety of activities!!! These adventures touch all of my senses!!!” – Ilene




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