Get your head on straight now because Halloween is FAST UPON US.

Did you know that 75% of an average person’s weight gain happens between Halloween and New Year’s!? DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE! We’ve got you covered this Halloween with plenty of tricks and tips that will help keep you on track.

For people watching their weight, Halloween can be ghoulish! This holiday is completely based on food!

Obviously, it is best not to overindulge, but you do not need to refrain from indulging entirely–practice moderation! If you have candy, try to reduce your calories from another meal or snack that day, but do not skip your meals to allot for a candy binge. You should make sure that you and your kids eat a proper meal before heading out to trick-or-treat, this way, you will be less likely to over-eat the “bad“ stuff. If it isn’t meal time, then have a broth based soup, salad, or fruit snack.

If you are buying candy for trick-or-treaters, try choosing healthier options, or purchase candy that you do not like. You will be less likely to eat it if you don’t like it!

Buy your candy at the very last minute, try not to over-buy, and get rid of the leftovers as soon as the trick-or-treaters are gone.

Best Halloween candy choices:

  1. Lollipops are satisfying, take a long time to eat and have no fat!
  2. For chocolate cravings, try tootsie rolls as a good low-fat option (12 midgets have only 130 calories) or peppermint patties with only 50 calories.
  3. Twizzlers have only 75 calories for 2. Buy them individually wrapped.
  4. Rice Krispie treats come in a mini size for halloween. 2 bars have only 90 calories.
  5. Nerds contain only 60 calories per tablespoon.

2nd tier choices:

  1. Mounds, M&Ms, Rollos  & Butterfingers (1 fun size bar has 100 calories)

Carry healthy snacks with you so you’re less tempted to reach for the sweets. Try  to crowd out unhealthy sugars by satisfying your sweet tooth with naturally sweet and foods such as fruit and root veggies.

Avoid excess! One Butterfinger bar isn’t so bad, it is when we eat too many that our waistline starts to expand! Make choices that allow you to wake up to the next day & not feel as if the holiday was a set-back.

As always, holidays are a celebration of life and the people you love -so focus on that and not on the food!


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